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Managing workers’ compensation payments just got a whole lot easier!

Easy for Employers:

  • Multiple insurance company options
  • All payroll processing methods accepted
  • Premiums match actual payrolls
  • Audit premiums minimized

Renaissance EZPayIns is the preferred payment plan of choice for workers’ compensation exclusively through independent agency members of Renaissance Alliance.

  • Easy administration – Why be forced to engage a pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation pay plan from a single insurance company that may not fulfill your needs or might decide not to renew your policy after the first year?
  • Easy choices – By entrusting your workers’ compensation account to Renaissance EZPayIns, you experience the freedom of choice in how you process your payrolls whether or not you choose to use a payroll service. You are also not restricted to a single or limited number of insurance companies offering pay-as-you-go premium payment options.
  • EZPayIns stands out from its competitors – Payrolls are easily reported each pay period either manually or electronically through your existing payroll processing method, whether prepared internally or through a payroll service. With access to multiple insurance companies, we can deliver maximum pay-as-you-go pricing options and risk management solutions.

With EZPayIns, you can have the confidence of relying on us, your local, trusted, independent insurance professionals, to satisfy your workers’ compensation needs! Contact us today for further information.

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